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I was somewhat new to this particular type of healing treatment and ended up absolutely loving it. Not only is the experience itself amazing, but the difference I've felt emotionally has been pretty impactful, and that's only after one session. It has been an amazing tool for me for self-healing.


What a magical hour of bliss.   It was absolutely beautiful.  The sounds coming from those bowls is amazing.  I can honestly say i have felt far more balanced and calm within myself over the last three weeks and there has been a couple of events in my life that would normally have stressed me right out.  Thank you Cassie, I will be back.


A beautiful bowl treatment which left me feeling unwound and deeply relaxed. I recommend you treat yourself or a friend to one of these nurturing sessions.


Truly enjoyed my treatment with Cassie.  The sound of the bowls were really amazing, so soothing and calming.  It certainly helped me to de-stress.  The more you listen the more you relax and I felt it brought my body back into balance.  I loved it so much I didn’t want it to end.


My Tibetan Bowl Sound treatment was a birthday gift and my first experience. I didn't know what to expect. Cassie created a very gentle nurturing environment and I found myself relaxing very quickly. The mixture of sound and vibration was a real sensory experience and left me feeling energised!


I'd been feeling stressed as my dad has been unwell with cancer.  I've always loved the sound of Tibetan bowls so I thought a healing sound treatment might help me to unwind a bit. Cassie was gentle and supportive during the treatment and the healing vibrations of the bowls transported me to a place of relaxed yet attentive consciousness.  I enjoyed listening to the whirling sounds of different bowls and bells and feeling their vibrations smoothing my mind/body.


I had a sound healing and it was amazing!  I felt so deeply relaxed afterwards and my back pain had released!  I highly recommend to anyone in need of some relaxation.

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