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Individual Sessions

In an individual session, Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls are placed near the body and then struck with a felt mallet.  Chimes, Symphonic Gong, Drum, Reverie Harp and flute are also played. You will be immersed in an ocean of harmonious sounds.  The vibrations encourage a relief of blockages & tension, inviting the body to feel lighter, more centred and vibrate freely.  


  • Individual Session: $80 for 50 mins

  • Couples session: $130 for 50 mins

  • Can also cater for small groups

Group Sessions

Check out Soul Spirit Sounds Facebook page to find out about group sound relaxation sessions:

Melt into a 50 minute session where you absorb the soothing sound vibrations of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, symphonic gong, reverie harp, drum, flute and chimes.  Where continuous waves of sound vibrations are circulated in the space to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation, calm and balance.


During the session, there is no ‘doing’, you are invited into a state of simply 'being' by lying down and soaking in the surrounding sounds, comfortably supported with blankets, eye-pillows and cushions on the floor.

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