Are you stressed?  Are you challenged by an over-active mind or overcome with fatigue?  Are you in need of some nurturing and relaxation?  Then Sound Healing could be for you.


Tibetan Bowl & Gong Sound Sessions are beneficial in that they induce a deep sense of relaxation,  inner balance and well being.  

During a sound session, deep relaxation is induced by activating your parasympathetic nervous system (your rest & digest system).  The treatment affects every cell of the body.  For example if you imagine a stone being thrown into a pond, it creates continuous, aligned movements of the water. The entire pond water is put into motion & similarly this occurs when sounding singing bowls, gongs & other instruments on or near the body.  


This is because we are made up of a large percentage of water in our human form.  The healing vibration of sound gently flows into the body and encourages a relief of blockages, stagnation, stress and tension which positively affects the structure & health of cells & organs.  The benefits of a session may include feeling relaxed, calm, balanced, rejuvenated and revitalised.  New energies may be freed & self-healing may begin.



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